Ivan Navi

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Ivan NAVI whose songs are becoming more and more popular every year is a singer from Ukraine who was twice nominated for the YUNA music awards in 2017 and 2018.
Studying the life of the singer Ivan Navi, his biography tells us the following: the artist was born in the city of Lviv in 1992 on July 6th. During his school years, he was fond of such a sport as boxing and participated in competitions in the region. But from an early age, the young man also began to take an interest in the musical direction. He studied at a music school for 5 years, played the accordion. At the moment of choice, he gave preference to music. After receiving secondary education, Ivan began studying at the University of Management as a marketer.
Singer career development
2011 will be remembered for the fact that the artist took part in Show number 1 on Inter.
After 2 years, he passed to the semifinals of the Voice of the Country-3 project, under the leadership of Oleg Skripka. He did not succeed in winning, but the number of fans increased considerably.
In 2015, he took part in the show "Sing Like a Star", where Kuzma drew attention to him, thanks to which the guy had the idea that his stage name would be Ivan NAVI.
A year later, the young man already works with the production organization MOVA Music. On June 21 of the same year, viewers had the opportunity to see his debut video and the first composition "So Young". A day after the premiere of the video took place, he was listed in the top three videos in Ukraine. Ivan even recorded a version of this track to be played on the NRJ Ukraine radio station. The composition "Such Young" for 6 months occupied leading positions on the radio charts of the FDR and Tophit.ru companies. She was recognized as a symbol of modern Ukrainian music.
On August 23, Ivan goes to the finals of the hits contest on the M2 channel, where he sings the song "You love music." Despite the fact that he never won the victory, radio and television experts, as well as music critics, designated the singer as a real discovery of a musical project.
By the end of September Ivan participates in two concerts of no small importance to him.
In November, he had the opportunity to present the 2nd official track and the video filmed for it. This single became as hit as the first, and for a long time was played on the Ukrainian radio chart.
In 2017, on Christmas night, Ivan presented the video clip "Carols", which he filmed in just two days.
On Valentine's Day, he was presented with a video clip and the song "Vlipli". This work was distinguished by its particular lyricism in comparison with others.
In April 2017, the singer presented to everyone a modern version of his musical composition "Edge".
In the last days of May, the next song of the singer is released.
In June, he already gives a concert in Lviv at the stadium. More than 6 thousand people came to his performance.
In 2017, on September 1, Ivan for the second time participates in a concert dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Mozgovoy. The artist will present to the public this time a modern version of the track "Goryanka" in the funky genre. For everyone who wants to get acquainted with the work of the music artist ivan navi youtube channel provides such an opportunity.
During the summer season, the artist managed to take part in two festivals: in Kharkov and Mariupol.